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Today we did a Q&A with our Vice President of Membership, Eva Lianos in honor of the recruitment link opening up! We hope this blog with help potential PNMs through recruitment. We are so excited to meet everyone in the fall! 

Why did you want to be the VP of Membership? 

So call me crazy but I happen to love recruitment. I’m one of those people that loves jumping around and chanting and getting to know 50 random people in one day. I have always had a passion for details, organizing, and being in charge so I like to think this position fits me pretty well. After going through recruitment on the other side for the first time my sophomore year, I knew that being VPM was something I wanted to go after. I really admired Felicia the VPM that year, so I decided to run for continuous recruitment chair to dip my toe in the water and see if I was even good at recruiting people in the first place. Then I got to work as Sara’s assistant, the VPM the next year, and she was super organized and really walked me through everything she was doing and allowed me to take on a leadership role. I got more comfortable with my leadership skills and then I wanted to be VPM even more. I eventually started coming up with all kinds of ideas, making several Pinterest boards, a whole Google Docs folder full of things I wanted to do for recruitment and ran for the position. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to give back to Sigma Kappa, and I only hope that we are successful this year in recruiting another group of amazing women. 

What advice would you give someone going through formal recruitment? 

As cliché as it sounds, be yourself. I cannot stress enough that being part of a sorority and actually enjoying being in a sorority are two very different things and being yourself helps you find somewhere you want to be. If you’re putting on a front trying to be what you think a house wants you to be, then it’s possible that you could miss out on another house where you fit in way better. Be yourself, be open, be vulnerable and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you get scared that you have nothing else to say, ask the woman rushing you what she enjoys or what her passions are! Odds are she’s tired, you’re tired, and you never know where that could lead you. The Purdue Panhellenic community is full of some AMAZING women and getting to know them can also lead you closer to which house you could see yourself in as the rounds go on. 

What was the most terrifying part of recruitment for you? 

I always got so scared when I had to walk through all the girls screaming and chanting. Not only were they all stunningly beautiful but I also never knew what to do with my hands or my face. Like, am I supposed to clap along? Should I smile? Do I try and talk to the girl walking me into or out of the house? No one ever explained to me how to not be an awkward human being, and I still am, but my poor tiny freshman self was utterly paralyzed with social anxiety for those 30 seconds. 

Why did you join Sigma Kappa? 

I joined Sigma Kappa because I wanted Purdue to feel smaller. I wanted a way to feel connected to people and joining a sorority seemed like the best way to do that. It’s really scary to feel totally alone, and it was a big shock to me when I had trouble meeting people in the first few weeks of school. Once I was given a bid to Sigma Kappa I saw women and other members of the Greek Community all over campus that I could say hi to or have a conversation within between classes, in the dining courts, etc. Sigma Kappa brought me so many people who have touched my life in infinite ways. It has given me my home away from home and another family I never knew I needed. 

How has your life improved since you became a member of SK? 

My life has drastically improved because once I was in the house I no longer felt completely alone at school. I instantly connected with my big and she became a mentor for me and someone I could completely trust when I needed to vent or break down in tears. Then once I moved into the house I really got to know my four best friends. They are my lifeline and among the most beautiful, strong and talented women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Just by having these people in my life, I have become a more confident and open person than I ever thought I could become. Going away for college was terrifying and lonely, and honestly, I didn’t know if I had made the right choice during my first semester at Purdue. But by staying in SK each day got easier, and I knew I made the right choice. 

What has been your favorite sorority event? 

- For me, it has been Sigma Kappa barn dances. It’s that quintessential fall thing that you get to get all dressed up for and hang out with some really amazing women. There are hayrides and flannels and just so many priceless memories to be made. I will never forget my sophomore year screaming “country girl shake it for me” by Luke Bryan at the top of my lungs with my friends Sydney and Paige and having the biggest smile on my face the whole time as we danced around the barn, and then proceeded to eat our weight in chips. It was amazing. 

What’s your favorite part of your sorority’s philanthropy? 

- For me, it’s always been SKetti dinner because it allows us to raise money for our philanthropy and to welcome everyone from the Greek Community and Purdue’s campus into our home. Having so many people buy tickets and seeing sisters socialize with their friends and other women in the house are one of my favorite things. Plus who doesn’t love carbs? 

What are you excited about this recruitment season? 

Well, there are a lot of things I’m looking forward to this year. The first big one that comes to mind is being the one to walk out of the house and be the first face the PNM sees. I always thought those girls were awesome, and now I’m them so that is kind of a dream come true for me. I am also really looking forward to pre-recruitment week because I have some really awesome bonding things planned for the SK girls and it’s always so fun to see everyone reconnect after a long summer apart. On top of that, I think Sigma Kappa’s recruitment is going to be amazing this year, and I can’t wait for August!


Eva Lianos