Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Kristin Barringhaus


Kristin is our current President of the Beta Sigma chapter. As the President, Kristin is in charge of overseeing all of the Executive Council, and ensuring that each position meets her yearly goals! Kristin is a junior from Maryland Heights, Missouri and is studying Biomedical Engineering.

Sara Foreman

Vice President of Membership

Sara is our current Vice President of Membership and is in charge of all aspects of recruitment. She is a senior from Cicero, Indiana who is studying Doctor of Pharmacy. One of the main reasons Sara loves Sigma Kappa because she "has found people who accept me for who I am and love me anyways."

Jessica Lawrence

Executive Vice President

Jessica is our current Executive Vice President. As the EVP, she is second in command to the president and oversees Standards Committe. Jessica is a senior studying Strategy and Organizational Management from Royal Center, Indiana. One reason that she loves Sigma Kappa is that through Sigma Kappa she has found her people that are always down for 3 am McDonald's runs and are always there to make her smile when she is down.

Sabrina Ho

Vice President of Scholarship

Sabrina is currently serving as our Vice President of Scholarship. As the VPS, Sabrina is in charge of ensuring that our members are focusing on their education. Sabrina is a senior from Andover, Massachusetts who is studying Biology (Pre-Med). Sabrina says, " My favorite thing about SK are all the amazing people I've met through it who not only support me and make my day, but also push me to be an even better version of myself everyday."

Holly Bollock

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Holly is serving as our current Vice President of Alumnae Relations. As the VPAR, Holly focuses on staying in contact with our alumnae and plans events such as Founder's Day. Holly is a junior from Lafayette, Indiana who is studying management. Holly loves being a Sigma Kappa because of the people she has met.

Paige Smading

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

Paige is currently our Vice President of Philanthropic Services. As the VPPS, she plans all of our philanthropy and community service events in the local community and across campus. GOAL for the year? Paige is a junior from Wichita, Kansas and is pursuing a degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering with an internship at Nasa this summer. Paige says, " I love Sigma Kappa because I love being around a group of girls that are so passionate about so many different things."

Maddie Nelson

Vice President of Programming

Maddie is our current Vice President of Programming. As the VPP, Maddie is in charge of making sure our calendar is up to date, as well as running our house meetings twice a month. Maddie is a Health Science Pre-Professional major with a concentration in Pre-Medicine, and is pursuing a minor in Spanish. She is a junior from Jacksonville, Illinois. Maddie loves Sigma Kappa because "it has introduced me to so many great people both within our chapter and within the Panhellinic community."

Grace Starrs

Vice President of Communication

Grace is our current Vice President of Communication. As the VPC, she is in charge of communicating with our National Headquarters and updating the roster of our chapter’s members. Grace is studying Health Science with a concentration of Pre-Physicians assistant and is a junior from St. Louis, Missouri. Grace loves being a Sigma Kappa because of all the great friendships she has made.

Kristen Berry

Vice President of New Member Education

Kristen is currently our Vice President of New Member Education. Her main job is to help our new members adjust to being apart of sorority and college life. She teaches them all about Sigma Kappa's history, traditions, founders, and values. Kristen is a senior from Toledo, Ohio and is a communications major, specifically Public Relations and Strategic Communications with a minor in French. She loves Sigma Kappa because "it gives me an amazing support system of girls who have helped me grow and gain confidence in myself and my decisions. Sigma Kappa means you always have someone to hold you accountable, and sisters who believes in you and your dreams."

Ale Aranda

Vice President of Finance

Ale is currently serving as the Vice President of Finance. AS the VPF, Ale is in charge of managing the chapter's budget and member finances. Ale is a junior from San Antonio, Texas, who is studying Chemical Engineering. One reason that Ale loves Sigma Kappa is she has found a home away from home here.