Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Dear Potential New Members. 

Sigma Kappa would like to welcome you to the Purdue Panhellenic Community. We are so excited that you have signed up to participate in formal recruitment and to potentially join the Greek Community at Purdue University. Purdue is home to over 40,000 students, and this can be extremely daunting coming in from out of state or really anywhere. Our goal at Sigma Kappa is to make campus feel smaller, by giving you a network of strong and hard-working women who help to make you feel more at home. We hope to make Sigma Kappa your new “home away from home” where you can find your best friends, support system, and biggest cheerleaders. At the Beta Sigma chapter of Sigma Kappa, we strive to uphold our values of loyalty, service, personal growth, and friendship every day through various on campus organizations and in every aspect of our lives. We participate in philanthropic events, outreach, and interactions within the Greek community all helping us to grow closer together with each other and to form friendships with members of all Greek and Non-Greek groups on campus. The sorority recruitment process can be exhausting between all of the long days and many conversations at the many different Panhellenic chapters on Purdue’s campus. All we ask is during your time at Sigma Kappa that you be yourself and you will find lifelong friendships. For whatever reason, you have decided to “Go Greek” we are thrilled for you and wish you all the best. 

Eva Lianos 

Vice President of Membership, Sigma Kappa