Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Dear Potential New Members,

Congratulations and welcome to the Boilermaker family!! I know your senior year was not what you hoped it to be, but I am so excited you chose Purdue, as Purdue is a place that can make the next four years amazing! It feels like yesterday I was in your shoes as a freshman, about to embark my journey. I came to Purdue with lot of hopes and dreams. I was looking for a new home and a new family, which I found at Sigma Kappa. In these unprecedented times, recruitment will look and feel different, but the purpose of sorority recruitment is still the same - finding your place and your people at Purdue. With over 40,000 students, Purdue can feel overwhelming; our goal at Sigma Kappa is to give you a network of strong, caring women, who help to make you feel more at home, by fostering lifelong friendships. At Sigma Kappa, we strive to uphold our values of loyalty, service, personal growth, and friendship every day through involvement and leadership in various campus organizations. We are lifelong learners, mentors, and friends.

I understand that virtual recruitment may seem daunting, but I promise you, if you stay true to yourself and what is important to you, you will find forever friends and make everlasting memories. Good luck with Recruitment! I hope you find your home that is going to help you grow, lead more confidently and create true friendships, so you can accomplish all your dreams at Purdue!

Vice President of Membership, Sigma Kappa

Katie Novak